About Huize.com

Established in 2006, Huize.com holds a national insurance brokerage license and is one of the earliest online insurance platforms to be accredited online insurance brokerage qualification. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the Company has a technology research and development center located in Chengdu and a support service center located in Hefei.

To overcome consumers’ difficulties in understanding insurance products, pricings, choices and claims processes, Huize cooperated with over 100 insurance institutions (68 insurer partners as of June 30,2019), representing a substantial portion of all licensed insurance companies in China, offering more than 1229 insurance products, including health, life, accident, travel and corporate insurance. Leveraging these partnerships, the Company provides one-stop integrated insurance services covering insurance information and consulting, risk assessment, insurance planning, online purchase, intelligent underwriting, policy preservation and claims assistance. Aspired to help customers choose and claim, Huize is committed to the “Three Do’s and three Don’ts’ Principle”: Don’t harass, don’t mislead, don’t be perfunctory; and do help clients to understand, to choose, and to handle claims.

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